Crumbs of the Internet no. 2: Cookies, bounty hunting and mad skilz

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the second time that I compile a bunch of articles that I found helpful or interesting, just in time for the weekend.

A history of everyone’s favorite cookie — Thought the chocolate-chip cookie was always part of American food culture? Think again because the idea of paring cookie and chocolate has been around for less than 100 years. The New Yorker dives into the history of this cornerstone cookie.

Bounty hunting in the 21st Century (Longform) — Wired Magazine called Michelle Gomez the best bounty hunter in the world. The 4-foot, 11-inch-tall woman does not appea like she could track down and turn in criminals on the run. However, her expertise in computers makes her able to crack the toughest cases. This article shows us how.

Should you type two spaces after a sentence? — This article should settle once and for all why you should never type two spaces after a sentence. (Hint: it’s because they  said so.) The correction at the end of the article is pretty interesting, too.

Skills you can learn for free right now — I included this story because I want easy access to this link and I figured you would too. While you could always Google “how to code Ruby” or “how to learn Excel,”  this Buzzfeed article has it all on one page. Sure, this article came out at the beginning of the year when everyone was making New Year resolutions, but I’m going to return to it when I want to learn about game theory.

How to fight death (Essay) — New York-based writer and paramedic Daniel José Older muses about saving life, fighting death and coping with the pressure. It’s a gritty read.