In which I offer you some of the interesting crumbs of the web

While in college, I tried to create an email blast which gathered interesting stories from around the web. It went out a few times to all the students on the Bryan College campus before the school official in charge of managing the college’s enrollment shut the project down.

You can read how this started here.

Well, the whole episode is in the past. I have that piece of parchment paper somewhere in my room and I’m on my own.

I enjoyed those precious few weeks of pouring over longform journalism, sharing what moved me with the rest of campus.

I decided that I’ll do the same here on this blog. Every week, I’ll post a list of stories, videos and infographics that I found helpful and well done.

How will this look? Well, look below:

How to use the F-word (opinion) — This comes courtesy of one of my friends on Facebook. Writing coach Roy Peter Clark writes on CNN about the history, grammar and use of the F-word. (And yes, this link is one that could not have been distributed on a Christian college campus.)

The real secret life of Walter Mitty (short story) — The movie starring Ben Stiller has been out for a few weeks now. This is the second time that Walter Mitty has graced the silver screen, with his first time being portrayed by Danny Kaye. However, this is short story is where it all began. Less is more in this instance, because I found the short story more thought-provoking than either film.

The shadow-king of e-commerce — This long read from The Atlantic delves into the life and business practices of Jesse Willms, the man behind the internet ads touting that “One weird trick to a slimmer belly” and other ads offering items and services that look too good to be true.

How to do better food journalism — I expect only the journos will be interested in this article. Yes, this article is old (2004), but I think it sets a vision for what food journalism could be.  Around that time, the coverage of food changed from recipes to something more substantial.