Four reasons why Connecticut is creepy

Grow up long enough in a place, and you start to discover all sorts of history and lore wrapped up and buried together. It makes for some interesting stories. So in the 21 years I lived in the state, I’ve found four reasons why it’s a creepily-cool place to live. This is by no means a complete list, so if you have stories you know of, comment below.

4. King Phillips War was fought over Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The Land of the Long Tidal River (The meaning of the Indian word “Connecticut”) was the battle ground of one of America’s most bloody war, when compared to the population at the time. Never heard of it? Yeah, this one is early on, back in the 1600s, when the state was still mostly wilderness.

3.Connecticut was testing ground for the Nazi’s eugenics program. I haven’t seen much talk about this one, just an article by Edwin Black, a meticulous researcher into the rise of the Nazis. He has a whole book on how America developed a eugenics program in the early 1930s that Germany later used called “The War Against The Weak.” The amount of sources he uses make him very credible, and his books that much heavier. I have no reason to doubt him.

2. We’ve got vampires, y’all. Forget the lore, the vampires of Jewett City once caused havoc in the area. Now, it’s an interesting study on disease and beliefs because an Englishman by the name of Bram Stoker apparently read the newspaper accounts of this scare while he was writing a little story he called “Dracula.”

1.Black Dogs haunt our hills. Well, just one, specifically. This story is pure fiction, but having hiked those hills many times, it a story that excites the imagination.