Cafe on The Corner burnt down [Pictures]

The Lookout Mountain Fire Department shut down Scenic Highway to fight the fire at Cafe on The Corner.
When I drove up that morning of May 27, that’s all I could see — water, trucks and tape.
I was on my way to work, But I had a few minutes. When I parked and saw a fireman, I asked him what happened.
Gas fire, he said. During the night, the gas built up and built up in the building. A spark, and Boom!
It’s terrible, he added.
Cafe on The Corner was one of the cornerstones of Lookout Mountain. I interviewed twice for a job at the corner table inside — now probably damaged by water and the collapsed roof. I was looking forward to making it a restaurant I frequented whenever I ate out because of the three restaurants nearby, it seemed the best.
I had my camera and so stood behind the fire-line tape and burned some frames. Later, when the firefighters opened Scenic Highway, I took another round of photos.