The Library as a Co-Working Space


If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, it seems like the cool thing to do is to join a co-working space. For a few hundred bucks a month, you too can sit in a room with other workers, connect to the internet and have access to coffee.

Contently recently published an article discussing The 6 Most Unique Co-Working Spaces in the World. For example, you could join a group of co-workers on a boat sailing around Thailand and Malaysia for a cool $1100 a week.

But why not the local library? There’s internet, power, desks, lights. And if your library is cool, the might sell coffee.

Best of all, it’s free.

Sure, there are downsides. The library’s general no-talking-above-a-whisper rule means you can’t make phone calls, for one.

I know libraries are currently trying to figure out their role in an age where the internet is eating into the its role as the keeper of the community’s information repository. Maybe it can help foster startups and workers of the gig economy.